Rental machines

Introduction to machine rental service

Rental service fits for occasions such as;


The machine can be used for required period when development or prototyping of new products is desired but future production volume is still unknown at the moment.


Quick countermeasures for sudden occasions such as machine failure, etc. or temporary production ramp-up of seasonal products.

cost study

Temporary use for production cost study.

Cost reduction

In case monthly expenses processing is desired instead of property purchasing.

Bridging use
until machine

Use for bridging production until completion and delivery of purchased machine, in consideration of design and production lead time.


Budgeting study for blast machine installation

Rental available machines

SFZ-2S SFK-2S-201K FD-2S-501
SFZ-2S SFK-2S-201K FD-2S-501
Primary purpose Polishing purpose Plastic parts deburring machine Screw cleaning
Main cabinet
dimensions H
1568 1568 1633
Main cabinet
dimensions W
653 655 656
Main cabinet
dimensions D
583 483 656
Compressor size 7.5kW(10HP) 3.7kW(5HP) 7.5kW(10HP)
Power supply Single phaseAC220V Single phaseAC220V Third phaseAC380V
280VA 260VA 980VA
Compressed air
inlet size
3/8B 3/8B 3/4B
Door opening size W530x590 W340xH400 W400xH470
Weight 170kg 150kg 485kg
Features For Z#3000 SK nozzle installed installed with entrance
for screws
Primary purpose For general purpose
Polishing purpose For large workpieces
Main cabinet
dimensions H
1570 1408 1750
Main cabinet
dimensions W
653 653 700
Main cabinet
dimensions D
653 921 900
Compressor size 3.7kW(5HP) 7.5kW(10HP) 5.5kW(7HP)
Power supply Single phaseAC220V Single phaseAC100V Single phaseAC100V
Power consumption 245VA 640VA 1500VA
Compressed air inlet
3/8B 1/2B 3/4B
Door opening size W530x590 W485×D318  
Weight 165kg 180kg 180kg
Features     Vacuum type machine
Primary purpose For dry ice cleaning Polishing and deburring purpose Polishing and cleaning purpose
Main cabinet
dimensions H
880 1076 1903
Main cabinet
dimensions W
550 623 655
Main cabinet
dimensions D
660 862 714
Compressor size 22kW(30HP) 3.7kW(5HP) 5.5kW(7HP)
Power supply Single phaseAC100V Single phaseAC100V Single phaseAC100V
Power consumption 1000VA 240VA 280VA
Compressed air inlet
1B 3/8B 1/2B
Door opening size   W250×H100 W440×H460
Weight 100kg 120kg 285kg
Features   Disk type spray unit Disk type spray unit
SFZR-2 for-web SG-4GTJ-304
SFZR-2 SGK-4LDS-302 SG-4GTJ-304
Primary purpose Polishing purpose For general purpose
For general purpose
Main cabinet
dimensions H
1633 1714 2155
Main cabinet
dimensions W
653 1005 1006
Main cabinet
dimensions D
678 755 1306
Compressor size 7.5kW(10HP) 11kW(15HP) 22kW(30HP)
Power supply Single phaseAC100V Third phaseAC380V Third phaseAC380V
Power consumption 485VA 830VA 2300VA
Compressed air inlet
1/2B 1/2B 1B
Door opening size W530XH580 W780XH680 W260XH300
Weight 290kg 300kg,DK120kg 1000kg,DK500kg
Features Media revitalizer installed Barrel capacity 45L  

Price list of rental machines

This service is that the customer shall bring in and install the machine at the site where the customer needs it during the contract period and to perform the blast processing by the customer.

The price list below does not include round-trip transportation/installation costs, on-site handling/supervisory costs, power supply connection work, compressed air piping work, etc.

To be discussed separately.

  • ※1 For long term renting, we may build a machine. Please consult us.
  • ※2 Prices exclude taxes.
  • ※3 Abrasive media price is not included.
for 10 days 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years
Polishing purpose FDDQSR-1 14,000 20,000 44,000 74,000 131,000 238,000
FDDQSR-2 15,000 23,000 54,000 93,000 168,000 308,000
SFZR-2 17,000 25,000 59,000 102,000 185,000 339,000
SFZ-2S 17,000 25,000 59,000 102,000 185,000 339,000
SFZRX-2-401 17,000 25,000 59,000 102,000 185,000 339,000
Plastic parts deburring machine SFK-2S-201K 8,000 12,000 26,000 45,000 81,000 148,000
For general
purpose blasting
SFC-2S 11,000 15,000 34,000 58,000 102,000 187,000
For large workpieces FDO-F1S-F 15,000 24,000 55,000 95,000 171,000 313,000
For dry ice cleaning TDSD-2S 21,000 38,000 99,000 179,000 329,000 611,000
Screw cleaning machine FD-2S-501 21,000 32,000 74,000 128,000 231,000 424,000
for batch processing SG-4GTJ-304 32,000 54,000 136,000 242,000 442,000 817,000
SGK-4LDS-302 16,000 25,000 58,000 102,000 183,000 336,000


Now we are on 15 days trial campaign.

(Including on-site supervisory.
(SGK-4LDS-302 and SG-4GTJ-304 are excluded from this campaign.

Please feel free to contact us at the following person in charge:

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